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01.Drømde mik en drøm i nat

02. Cædmon's Hymn

03. Wulf & Eadwacer

04. Bryd One Brere

05. Douway Robin, Miri It Is

06. Sancta Mater Graciæ

07. Veni Santé Spiritus

08. Laudes Ergo Kentigerno

09. Nobilis Humilis

10. Worldes Blis

11. Blow, Northern Wynd

12. Sumer Is Icumen In

13. Krákumál

TWA CORBIES: Out of the Mist

The early medieval music of the British Isles is shrouded in the proverbial mists of time. More deeply, even, than the music of Western Europe. This is due in part to the cultural and linguistic upheaval of the Norman Conquest of 1066, and the widespread destruction of artifacts wreaked during the Suppression of the Monasteries of 1536-1541. Medieval Britain was a cultural and linguistic crossroads, where the Norse of the Danelaw and the Anglo-Saxon of Wessex, Mercia, and Northumberland coexisted with the Venerable Bede's Latin, and all three blended with Norman French to create Middle English. This program brings together music from a variety of sources to tell the story of this tumultuous world. The earliest known poem in the Anglo-Saxon language, a song attributed to the legendary Viking king Ragnar Loðbrok, music from the medieval cathedrals of Dublin and Glasgow, polyphony from Orkney Islands, and one of the first Middle English love songs.
Peter Walker - baritone,  Kravik lyre, medieval harp, kantele, bagpipes
Brian Kay - tenor, Sutton Hoo lyre, medieval lute,  pipe, tabor  

1.the river


3.meditation pt.1

4.way of life


6.meditation pt.2

7.for you

8.this road i travel

9.meditation pt.3


11.have to go

12.meditation pt.4

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meditations (2018)

The original solo album meditations is a very relaxed acoustic album. I took a minimalistic approach to both the writing and recording of the songs because I wanted to create an album that sounds something like one of my live solo performances. After recording something as dense as MOONSONG, this feels much more like a classic folk album.    


2.Sacred Ground


4.Seasons Change

5.Gray Over Baltimore

6.On These Tracks

7.Leavin' Me On My Own

8.Distant Shore


10.Wave That Swells Upon The Sea

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Moonsong  combines elements from rock, pop, hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk/trad, classical, early, and Middle Eastern styles. The blending of these styles has created a unique and truly “World” music sound.
Brian Kay

1. Lully Lulle

2. Nottamun Town

3. Elore (in a garden so green)

4. Bryd one Breere

5. A Toye

6. Twa Corbies

7. Three Ravens

8. Ja Nuns Hons Pris

9. Come Again

10. Dompe Philli

11. O Mistress Mine

12. Twa Sisters

13. Ddoi Di Dai

14. Farewell and Adieu

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Three Ravens: The folk song tradition of Albion (2015)

Brian Kay and an all-star lineup of musicians perform ancient ballads from the British Isles. These songs have come to us by way of an oral tradition that has been passed down through the centuries. Each song has its own history and is led by the musician into the future. This is, and has always been a common ground between folk and art song. Three Ravens is a meeting place for both styles and an exploration of the music that came from combining them. 

Brian Kay
Ocean (2013) 


Brian's self-recorded debut album containing a variety of ancient and new songs following in the troubadour tradition.  Brian sings and performs on over 20 instruments, including early and modern plucked, wind, bowed, and percussion instruments.  Ocean presents Sephardic romances, Troubadour songs, Arabic mwashsha, folk songs from the British Isles, and original music written by Brian Kay.

More titles

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2019 GRAMMY®  Winner!!!

Songs of Orpheus by Apollo's Fire (2018)

Karim Sulayman's debut solo album with Apollo’s Fire is a journey through love and redemption. The timeless myth of Orpheus, the great singer who stormed the gates of hell to rescue his beloved, comes to life through the songs of 17th-c. composers Monteverdi, Caccini, Landi, and d’India. Artistic Director Jeannette Sorrell and Apollo’s Fire instrumentalists interweave sonatas by Castello and Cima to evoke the changing moods of the Orpheus story.


La Yave d’Espanya by Trio Sefardi (2019)
The songs on this recording come from Turkey, Greece, and the former Yugoslavia, where the Jews of Spain, known as Sephardim, flourished for more than four centuries. Most of these communities were destroyed in WWII, but we are now witnessing a surge of interest in Sephardic songs in the Americas, Europe, and Israel. Like traditional music everywhere, the songs speak of love and loss, courtship and marriage, holidays and histories. The language is Ladino, or Judeo-Espanyol, typically described as an older form of Spanish, sometimes mixed with words and phrases in Hebrew and various local languages, such as Turkish or Arabic, depending on where the Sephardim settled.

Kaminos by Trio Sefardi (2016)
"Kaminos" is an album of traditional music of the Sephardim, the Jews of Spain, who were sent into exile in 1492 by the Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. The language of the Sephardic people is called Ladino, which is old Spanish with a mix of words from the languages they learned in their new countries; Ladino also often incorporates Hebrew words and phrases. The music on this recording comes from the Balkans, Turkey, Greece, and North Africa, all places were the Jews of Spain flourished during the centuries leading up to the outbreak of World War II. Many Sephardic communities were destroyed by the Nazis and their allies in the Holocaust. 


Barley Moon by Ayreheart (2016)

Ayreheart blends the "art" and "folk" traditions so organically, we are reminded how artificial such a separation actually is. "John Barleycorn," the witty view of brewing as an act of torture and abuse, is so perfect that Vaughan Williams himself wondered if it may have been created by "an antiquarian revivalist," who then saw it pass "into popular currency and become 'folklorised'." Many in the folk-rock movement recorded the song, most prominently the group Traffic in their album named for the song itself. Ronn McFarlane was true to his ancestry then, and has kept that flame alive in creative and newly-evolving ways with Ayreheart. Is it art music? Is it folk? Could it possibly matter less?

-Robert Aubry Davis

Sephardic Journey by Apollo's Fire (2016)


Cast out of Jerusalem and Spain, the Spanish Jews absorbed the colorful musical accents of Italy, Turkey, and North Africa. Apollo's Fire's musical journey interweaves Sephardic folk song with the Monteverdi-like Hebrew choral work of Salamone Rossi the Songs of Solomon. The daily rhythms of life love, rejection, feasting, and celebration culminate in the mystical prayers of Shabbat.

Sugarloaf Mountain by Apollo's Fire (2015)

Sparkling fiddle tunes and haunting ballads of the British Isles mingled with American shapenote hymns and African spirituals, creating the soulful music known as Appalachian. Passing through love and loss, dancing and prayer, the music overflows in celebration as the people of the mountains raise their communal voices.


Christmas on Sugarloaf Mountain by Apollo's Fire (2018)

“Festive Disc of the Year” –Gramophone Magazine, 2018
Debuted at #3, Billboard Traditional Classical Chart (Nov. 2018)

Riveting… spectacularly performed and deeply moving.
–Seen & Heard International

Apollo’s Fire’s latest CD album celebrates the ancient Celtic folk carols that were brought to America by the Irish immigrants – and then transformed into soulful Appalachian carols. Based on Jeannette Sorrell’s concert program of the same title (premiered in 5 sold-out concerts in 2017), this is a glowing and joyful album featuring medieval harp and vielle, wooden flutes, fiddles and lutes, along with children’s voices and the acclaimed Apollo’s Singers. The booklet includes informative program notes by Sorrell as well as photos from the live production.

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