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Kostadina (Brian Kay)
Language: English


The parallel lines will not but guide me right,
Walking toward the moon, horrid in the night.
Progressing toward the path to the somber forest fright.

I find myself where the pavement and the light streets end.
The withered leaves of autumn fall and the branches now extend
Above my head, where the leaves rustle yellow, orange, and red,
And 'neath my feet they crackle loud enough to wake the dead.

In this vista of these woods to the sanctum I shall go,
Over the hill and 'round the tower to the grassy field below.

And dare I not forget the moon which kindles high above,
lighting my trail and guiding me through to visit the one I love.

Why have I come here on this Hollow's Eve?
To these wolds and through these woods of wearied, withered leaves
That crackle loud enough 'neath my feet to wake the dead,
That dangle from the skeletons of the trees above my head,
That droop and swing their autumn smell and waft above my head?

Shan't I carry my soul across grave-robbing thieves.
Nor shall I, myself, exhume the lovely I once wed:
Pale as the moon, the dark heart of this eve,
Her lips as red and hair as yellow as the autumn leaves,
Her eyes as green as the leaves were once before her death took place,
And in those days she wrapped around me: satin wound in lace.

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