For You

Original song from the album Meditations

Nottamun Town

Traditional Medieval & Appalachian ballad


Third single from the album Moonsong

Sir Mannelig (Herr Mannelig)

Swedish story about a pagan maid proposing to a christian knight

Willie O Winsbury

Child Ballad

As Froles Do Meu Amigo

Composed by Pai Gomes Charinho (13th c.)


Original song from the album Moonsong

Douce Dame Jolie

Composed by Guillaume de Machaut

(c.1300 - 1377)


Seasons Change (live)

Original song from the album Moonsong

O Mistress Mine (excerpt) - "Play, Music!"

Music from the plays of William Shakespeare 

Tambourine Solo (Riq)

Improvisation on the Middle Eastern Tambourine

DIVISIO - Cantigas de Santa Maria "Des Oge Mais" & "Todos Los Santos" 

Performed live at the Kennedy Center


Quantas Sabedes Amar Amigo - Oud, Doumbec & Voice

13th c. Spanish love song composed by Martim Codax

Bryd One Brere

Early Middle English song, sung and played on Anglo-Saxon Lyre

Polo Margariteño - Baroque Guitar & Voice

Venezuelan Traditional

Wayfaring Stranger

Early American

Miri It Is performed by the Twa Corbies - Anglo-Saxon Lyre & voice 

Doumbec & Riq solo 

Improvisation in 25/16

Lamento di Tristano

14th. c Italian music performed on Oud

Elore - Traditional Scottish song

Lute & Voice

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