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Brian works with ensembles from all over the United States. Read about these ensembles below, or find out more by clicking the links.

Twa Corbies is a Medieval music ensemble committed to performing ancient songs from the British Isles, France, and Scandinavia accompanied on Medieval harps, lutes, and bagpipes.

The music of Ayreheart reflects elements of many kinds of music: Folk, Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic and others. The combination of lute, guitar, fretless bass, and a variety of percussion instruments, blends the old and new to create the unique and timeless sound that is Ayreheart.

Brian Kay apollo's fire

AF’s subscription programs in Northeast Ohio have repeatedly been chosen by GRAMOPHONE and BBC MAGAZINE as among the “Top 20 Concerts in North America.” Founding Artistic Director Jeannette Sorrell is hailed for her “inspired leadership”(THE INDEPENDENT, London) and “revelatory performances”(OPERA NEWS). Sorrell and her talented musicians are dedicated to reviving the true spirit of baroque performances—not only with period instruments, but with the emotional impact the music was intended to convey.

Innovative, historically informed and multi-cultural, HESPERUS brings history alive with silent movie scores, cultural fusions and single-genre early music programs from the Middle Ages through the American Revolution. Whatever the genre, HESPERUS performs with creative energy, technical assurance and a sense of fun.

The Peabody Consort founded in 1996 by Mark Cudek, is a select group of Early Music majors, alumni, and guest artists from the Peabody Conservatory’s EM Dept.

Brian Kay Peabody Consort

Peabody Consort

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