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Three Ravens: The folk song tradition of Albion (2015)   


Brian Kay and an all-star lineup of musicians perform ancient ballads from the British Isles. These songs have come to us by way of an oral tradition that has been passed down through the centuries. Part of this tradition includes arranging and adapting the music to suit one's voice and instrument, artistic sensibilities, and of course his or her audience. This album explores the range of interpretational possibilities spanning from historical practice to modern interpretations.



1. Lully Lulle

2. Nottamun Town

3. Elore (in a garden so green)

4. Bryd one Breere

5. A Toye

6. Twa Corbies

7. Three Ravens

8. Ja Nuns Hons Pris

9. Come Again

10. Dompe Philli

11. O Mistress Mine

12. Twa Sisters

13. Ddoi Di Dai

14. Farewell and Adieu

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